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Cedar Siding

A Classic NW Siding


Cedar Siding a Green Choice

Western Red Cedar is a common tree in the Pacific NW.   Red cedar is known as a controlled growth species, with regeneration and reforestation programs in place to ensure the health of the species.


Cedar Siding long lasting great value

Red cedar is a very durable wood with natural oils and resins for resilience to the elements.  Because of its natural environment, cedar is moisture resistant. Cedar is also resistant to insect damage.cedar wall

Red cedar is an evergreen softwood species. Cedar features great dimensional stability, meaning that it is tends to retain its shape while also taking to nailing and staining very well. Western cedar will help to keep warmth in during the winter months, and keep interiors cool during the summer months, due to its cellular structure. Cedar is easy to work with, due to its relatively light weight, and remains to be a very reliable material for overall durability.

With the application of a proper finish, Western red cedar siding can last for decades.Cedar Siding Remodel









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DCT has many options for your Cedar home from beveled siding, classic sidewall shingles to vertical channel siding. Our siding installers are experienced journeymen who will provide you with a beautiful finished product.

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Who you choose to install your siding is crucial. You need a contractor who understands the importance of the building envelope and exterior cladding of your home. That is why we are your Seattle Siding Contractor. With years of experience and many satisfied customers in the Seattle area, we want to know what matters to you most when it comes to residing. From helping you choose the type of siding to choosing the color of your house, we will ensure your homes siding installation is a smooth process. We usedurable materials and professional installers to ensure your investment will be protected for years to come. Give us a call today and find out for yourself.